Creda Aluminium Radiator

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Creda Aluminium Radiator

The Creda Aluminium Radiator has been manufactured for providing the maximum control of heating. It is developed by Creda in-house team of experts to provide the best panel heater. In this heater, automatically power on or off features when the heating process is done, so you don’t need to worry about turning the heater on or off if you forget.

This Radiator has been designed in a modern and stylish way so that it suits your modern lifestyle, and also its is environment friendly. The Creda Aluminium Radiator follows your instructions means if you set it to your preferred time and temperature, it starts the heating-up process at your pre-set time and ensures your room is heated to the right temperature at the right time and optimizes efficient energy usage, all year round.

These heaters provide the Capsense control features for offering the top level of comfort and more intuitive user experience with its backlit LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons. With the adaptive start function, it starts pre-heats the room before the scheduled time which you set to follow for only completing the desired target temperature at the desired time. For example, if the heater was following a timer which was set to 25 degrees at 8 am, by its adaptive start feature, it will start the healing process before 8 am to get the 25 degrees at 8 am. But without the adaptive start feature, it starts the healing process at the exact time which you set to follow.

Creda Aluminium Radiator has an ‘open window detection’ feature which monitors the sudden change of temperature due to opening a window or door. If you accidentally forget to shut the door or window, it can detect and stop the heating process and enter into a standby mode to saving energy.

Specifications of Creda Aluminium Radiator

  • Creda Aluminium Radiator compliant with Lot20 of ERP Directive
  • Developed by Creda in-house team of experts
  • Having a colour changing LCD display
  • Oil-filled panel heater for heating distribution uniformly
  • Pre-programmed heating period and room temperatures
  • The electronic thermostat lies from +/-0.2AC
  • Adaptive start features for saving energy and reducing the electricity bill
  • Open window sensor for avoiding wastage of energy
  • Touch-sensitive control
  • IP24 Rating
  • The easy installation process, supplied with wall Bracket
  • Certified by: BEAB, CE
  • The length of cable needed: 1.5m
  • Electric Supply: 230V-240V
  • Safety Cut out: Auto Re-set cut out
  • Element type: compact design, stainless steel cartridge element with integrated overheat fuse-link
  • Ideal for: Bathroom, Lounge, Bedroom, Dining room, Hallway & landing, study room, utility room, and conservatory

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