Dimplex White Bathroom Panel Heater

Dimplex White Bathroom Panel Heater

Are you getting bored with the conventional or traditional heating sources and want a stylish alternative for your bathroom that suits your modern lifestyle, then you can definitely go for the Dimplex bathroom panel heater, it’s a stylish and modern heat-source for bathrooms.  This panel heaters use an aluminum rail which provides high comfort convected heat and warming radiant heat for drying and airing towels. It is also connected with a radiant front panel, helping in the towel drying process.

Bathroom Panel Heater by Dimplex, offering a broad ‘1000W’ heat output as well as advanced electronic supports. These features help in heating up your bathroom rapidly at your desired temperature, at the exact time when you want. in this bathroom panel heater, advanced ‘CapSense’ is used, which offers a highly intuitive user interface that allows a thorough control over the temperature of your bathroom for the top-level comfort. BPH has an LCD display and six touch-sensitive buttons make it easier to use and when you pressed the button, you have the option to set it with sound, for the convenience. The panel heater temperature display is coded with color so that you can understand any types of fault related to the temperature visually.

Its adaptive start function appraises thermal characteristics, which make it self-reliant which helps in determining how long the appliance needs to operate for, reaching the target temperature. These thermal assessing process also measures the heating and cooling rates of the room and also measures how the external factors affect the rate of heating-up and cooling up. After determining all these things, the panel heater starts the healing process with the user-defined target temperature at the stated time. This amazing quality of this BPH, reducing energy consumption as well as electricity bills.

Whenever accidentally you left your door and window open, this heater panel can detect automatically the sudden changes in your room temperature and hold up the healing process. And as soon as you closed your door and window, it will resume its normal heating up operation. This advanced technology avoids wastage of energy and saves your money.

Specification of Dimplex White Bathroom Panel Heater

  • A stylish white metal finish bathroom heater
  • Provides high-comfort convected heat and towel warming radiant heat with the aluminum rail for drying and airing towels
  • Lot 20 compliant controls
  • Color changing and graphical display which shows the current temperature of the area
  • Splash-proof to IP25 makes it perfect for bathroom
  • Capsense buttons for easy control
  • Battery Backup: Electronic thermostatic characteristics (+/-0.2C)
  • Heat output: 1KW
  • Electrical panel heater
  • The number of rails which is used in this panel heater is 2
  • The easy installation process, supplied with metal wall brackets
  • Guarantee of 2 years

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