QBIC Eco Electric Panel Heater

QBIC Eco Electric Panel Heater

QBIC Eco electric panel heater is based on the modern and advances the technology of the heating element. It has been designed stylishly, comes with an improved 24X7 digital programming function. For making it easy to use, this electric panel heater has a multi-functioned remote control. By the remote control features, you will have complete control over your heating device schedule and temperature.  It is an aluminum heating element that allows it for rapid heating & cooling process.

Panel heaters from QBIC always are the most cost-effective heating device for heating rooms instantly and achieving the right desired temperature. This Panel heaters also provide the users with a more effective range of temperatures as anyone can program the heater over the 24 hours of each day. The biggest advantage of this QBIC panel heaters are, you can arrange your desired heating around your daily schedule.

Its sleek and stylish design is perfect for modern homes because they don’t need to invest in interior design around the heater.  These QBIC panel heating devices are low-cost home heaters that heat up your room completely by using the convection method.

Specification of QBIC Eco Electric Panel Heater

  • Contemporary and ultra-slim design, developed by our in-house team of experts to provide the users with the best heating technology for maximum heating control
  • It is an aluminum panel heater that provides enhanced heat output and ensures your room is heated is at the right time with the right temperature always.
  • Thermal safety limiter to protect it from overheating
  • Digital thermostat features for pre-programmed room temperature and heating periods
  • Multi-functioned remote control, providing a more intuitive user experience
  • Advanced 24X7 digital programming
  • The easy installation process, supplied with plugs and all the required accessories
  • Dry electric functions
  • Energy-efficient panel heater for saving your more electricity bill
  • IP20 Rated
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty

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