Nobo Top Outlet Panel Heater

Nobo Top Outlet Panel Heater

Nobo Top Outlet Panel heater is one of the most popular electric heating panel brands on the UK market. The Nobo New-look Lot20 compliant panel heaters are designed for offering adaptable and manageable heating with an attractive look. These panel heaters have a slimline design which makes it convenient for fixing in any type of area. Its top positioned framework provides an elegant, minimalist front appealing.

Besides its attractive looks, the Nobo top outlet panel heater has a remote-controlled feature which operates through a WiFi connection. You can control it with your smartphone with the ECOHUB and NCU-2RE. These modern and advanced features make it ideal for modern residential applications.

Features of Nobo Top Outlet Panel Heater

  • It is manufactured by Nobo
  • Available in various options: 0.75kW/750W, 1kW/1000W, 1.25kW/1250W, 1.5kW/1500W, 2kW/2000W
  • Splashproof IP24 features makes it suitable for bathroom
  • Attractive white finishing (RAL9010)
  • The exceptional slimmer design (only 90mm deep) in comparison with the other panel heaters on the UK market
  • This Nobo panel heaters have WIFI Control Module with thermostat
  • It is compatible with IOS & Android and it is very essential to use it with the ECOHUB
  • NCU2TE Control Module for changing temperature or heating modes, clear digital display with background illumination. It also displays current temperature and status.
  • Smoothly rounded corner for the safety measures
  • Hinged wall brackets make it accessible for users, which helps in the easy cleaning process
  • It has to overheat safety cut-out and quiet electronic thermostat
  • Top air outlets
  • Comes with 2 years Guarantee
  • Voltage: 230-240V

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