Dimplex Girona EcoDesign Panel Heater

Dimplex Girona EcoDesign Panel Heater

If you are looking for an elegant and stylish designed panel heater,  then Dimplex Girona Ecodesign Panel heater is perfect for you. This heater is popular for its attractive glass-fronted finish, sleek white or black glass front, and upward facing grille. Its latest design with almost quiet operation makes it ideal for both commercial and domestic uses.

Dimplex Girona Panel Heaters has a space-efficient design which makes it suitable for small areas also. Because of its space-efficient and slim design, its installation is very easy and hassle-free.  These Girona Panel Heaters can be wall-mounted easily on a detachable hinge, which allows the access of users for its cleaning.

It is a splash-proof panel heater, so it can be used in bathrooms and wet areas without any doubt. These panel heaters deliver fast heating up process with the right energy efficiency management to provide a great level of comfort to the user. The upward-facing grille allows the heater to fit smoothly into any room. This heater comes with the LCD display and six touch-sensitive buttons for quick accessibility. For assisting any type of faults, decrease or increase in temperature, the temperature display is color-coded.  It also features ‘capsense’ control to offer a well automated user interface that provides great comfort by complete control over the temperature of your room. Girona heaters come with a 7 days timer profiles which allow you to pre-set your heating requirements.

The other great feature of this heating panel is ‘Adaptive start’, it is an intelligent self-learning, delayed start function. It estimates the thermal components of the area and then assess how long the device needs to run to complete the target temperature. After determining the heat-up and cool-down rates of the area and how it will change with external components, the heater panels start the healing process to reach the user-defined target temperature at the stated time. It avoids the wastage of energy and promotes cost savings.

In this heater, an open window sensor is included which detects the sudden change in the temperature of your room, if any window or door be left open accidentally. And stop the heating process and once the window or door has been closed, it resumes the heating process and saving your money.

Specifications Dimplex Girona EcoDesign Panel Heater

  • Ideal for domestic and light commercial uses
  • Elegant and stylish design with sleek white/black glass front finish
  • Designer panel with an upward-facing grille for optimum heat circulation
  • Great control for complete flexibility of heating
  • High level of thermostatic control (+/-0.3C)
  • Having a range of optional plug-in electronic timers
  • Adaptable with Dimplex 4 zone, wall mounting pilot wire and mains board signaling multi heater programmers
  • Almost Quiet operation
  • It has frost secure setting
  • The background temperature is pre-set at 5 degree Celsius below the thermostat
  • Splashproof, IPX4 rating, ideal for bathroom and wet areas
  • Supplied with detachable hinged wall mounting frame for rapid and easy installation and cleaning
  • LCD display and six touch-sensitive buttons for greater accessibility
  • Adaptive start features for minimizing the energy consumption and cost savings
  • Open window sensor for avoiding wastage of energy and saving your money
  • The easy installation process with H-frame wall bracket
  • Heat output: 0.5kW
  • Comes with 2 years of guarantee

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