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Redring Powerstream Instantaneous Water Heater

De’Longhi is an electric aluminum oil filled radiator, available in three outputs (1000W,1500W, 1800W) from stock. It’s a programmable radiator which comes with an easy to use remote control unit and has ‘on and off’ facility for adjusting temperature setting each and every day at different times, so it can be easily set to your preferred temperature settings.

In comparison to a standard panel heater, this De’Longhi Oil Filled Panel Heater heats the rooms much quicker due to its ‘curve element technology’ which permits the better hot airflow diffusion towards your inner room space. The modern and advanced heater panel radiator by De’longhi includes daily-weekly programming as well as a child safety function which helps in reducing its surface temperature.

Besides these features, it also comes with a pilot wire control option that allows antifreeze, night, comfort, and Chrono mode settings.



  • Five Oil Filled Electric Radiator by De’Longhi: a fabulous heater panel
  • Based on curve element technology for a better hot airflow diffusion towards the inner room space
  • It is aluminium curved panel heats the room better and quicker
  • Great safety function, lower the surface temperature, provides child safety as well as avoid burns
  • The adjustable function of temperature setting with on and off mode, so users can adjust the temperature of the heater panel according to their needs
  • Comes with a touch remote control unit which has 5 different settings
  • The Remote control unit is connected magnetically with the front panel (outfitted with wall mounting bracket)
  • It has an antifreeze function which is fixed at 7C and also has overdrive mode 2hr booster setting
  • This is a fluid oil-filled radiator, which holds the heat temperature for longer after generating
  • For reducing the energy efficiency and providing comfortable temperature, it  comes with a night time settings mode
  • In this heater panel, the pilot wire is used to enable automation from an alternative room thermostat
  • It is double insulated radiator by De’longhi, so it doesn’t require any earth wire
  • Included with a water-resistant quality: IP24, which makes it suitable for bathroom also
  • The easy installation process, supplied with heavy-duty wall fixing kit
  • For avoiding accidental conversion, it has a keypad locking function
  • Its Chrono mode allows the use of three pre-set temperatures
  • It is a 24×7, non-stoppable heater panel


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